Instagram influencers are flocking to toxic sky-blue lake as government warns to stay away from it

The beautiful blue waters of the man-made pond, nicknamed the “Novosibirsk Maldives,” are literally caused by a close-by coal plant. Government officials are warning tourists to stay away from traveling to the “Novosibirsk Maldives,” a lake that appears natural and beautiful however is actually man-made and probably dangerous. The body of water is found close to the Russian city of Novosibirsk and received its nickname for its sky-blue water, which is comparable to the Maldives, a group of islands that are a popular luxury vacation destination in the Indian Ocean. The […]

Facebook tests controls that turn off those angry red notification dots.

Red may be an attention-grabbing color; however an excessive amount of it will trigger anxiety. You may soon see plenty less of the hue on Facebook. The corporate is testing the power to turn off the crimson in-app notification dots that seem to pop every time you check Facebook on your phone. Social media consultant Matt Navarra acknowledged on Twitter these days that testing is underway. Earlier this summer, reverse engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong noticed the feature hidden in the android app. Facebook is testing the power to toggle Notification […]

Social media reseller panel

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Buy 500 Instagram Likes

Anytime a photo on Instagram gets new likes my heart skips a beat, does yours? As far as you’re reading social media magazine and dig boards and forums on web. If you carefully prepare every of your posts and examine the rivals daily, if you think that your Instagram-gallery deserves more attention. The time has come for you to take it seriously, think over it and purchase a little powerup – a bundle of 500 Instagram likes for example. Catch the moments whereas this crucial […]

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp hit by second outage within a month

Just as the U.S.A. was waking up to a lovely Sunday, Facebook was sadly tackling yet another huge outage — it’s second within a month. In line with, soon after 6AM ET these days, users across the world started experiencing issues with Facebook and its various platforms, together with messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. At […]

TikTok Yee Haw meme Challenge

The yee haw cowboy meme challenge on TikTok shows people transforming into cowboys and cowgirls.Cowboy-related memes are trending across the net. On TikTok, the foremost popular iteration of a cowboy meme is often referred to as the “Yee Haw Challenge” or labeled with the hashtag #yeehaw. The premise of this challenge is that someone “turns into” a cowboy or cowgirl, typically after consuming a beverage labeled “yee haw juice.” This skit is performed to the song “Old town Road” […]

The curious case of TikTok’s rise in India

The rise of the Chinese short video-sharing app TikTok in India has been so spectacular over the past year that it’s currently nearly impossible for any social media user to not have come across its content.For the young generation though, especially the teenagers and even younger children, the app needs no introduction. In fact, according to a new report from mobile […]